While we temporarily are not taking appointments at The Beauty Bungalow, this is a great time to incorporate consistent skin care into your routine. You can make sacred time for yourself by lighting a candle, putting on some relaxing music, and masking yourself in the bath with aromatherapy (we use lavender during our facials at the Beauty Bungalow). If you don’t have time for that, no problem. We don’t always take time for that either! You can always put on a mask and let it sit while you’re binging Netflix. You would be amazed at how quickly you’ll glow with a simple exfoliation and a mask.

Here are a couple of products we use during treatment at The Beauty Bungalow that you can use at home. Josh Active Enzyme Exfoliating Mask contains a combination of turmeric, elderberry, and raw honey that will leave your skin smooth and bright. Depending on your needs, you may leave it on for up to an hour or, if you’re congested, use the grit manually for a deeper exfoliation. Afterward, a dab (just a dab is all you need!) of the Josh Advanced Hydrating Mask, with aloe vera and senna seed, will plump, nourish, and hydrate; we seriously can’t get enough of it. It offers a great slip for massage, and you can even sleep in it! If you have any more questions about products, we are now offering virtual consultations and have an online store.