H is for Love is a wholistic beauty brand sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts in the form of pure, organic, handcrafted, wild-sourced ingredients.

Let your lips tell the world that you are healthy, vibrant, and beautiful with the Palmarosa Lip Conditioner. This product is infused with macadamia nut oil that is easily absorbed and nourishes the lips from the inside, while deeply moisturizing butters and pomegranate seed oil protect and heal. As a daily routine, add a tiny dab of the product under your eyes for an on the go eye balm. Purchase Palmarosa on our Online Shop Here! 

If you are looking for a subtle, glam lip then the Root+ Berry Lip Glace is a perfect fit. This product is a wonderful alternative to heavy, waxy lipsticks that seem to need constant attention. Delicately flavored with citrus, mint and palmarosa essential oil, you’ll love the enticing aromas. These plant infusions are 100% active with antioxidants and will leave your lips soft and supple. Purchase Root + Berry on our Online Shop Here!