Oh, hello glorious fall! We are thrilled to welcome this season of all things food, family, and cooler temps. Fall is also significant because traditionally it represents the Earth’s bounty, and the season of the harvest… that’s why we are launching NEW Laurel Abundant Harvest facials at The Beauty Bungalow!

Most of you have come to know (and love!) the Laurel Whole Plant Organic skincare line that we carry in the spa. Their unmatched sourcing and purity is really what makes them so unique. Each Laurel product is 100% organic; formulated with raw, unrefined, biodynamic ingredients from local artisan farmers.

The Abundant Harvest range is very special because it’s a professional-only line that is exclusive to a handful of spas across the USA. Each facial is customized to your skin’s unique needs using holistic, potent, medical grade plant medicine that creates a cellular communication between your skin and the plants. Leaves, Fruits, Roots and Petals are combined to support your skin to be more supple, radiant and healthy. Leaves are used for cell regeneration, Fruits for speeding up cell turnover, Roots for detoxification and Petals for inflammation. The results are simply amazing. Book now to reserve your space and allow us to introduce you to the magic of whole plant power.