If Vogue beauty editors love it, you can bet it’s going to be amazing for your skin. That’s certainly the case with Gua Sha, the eastern facial tool that Vogue called, “the Secret to Better Skin.”

One of the biggest trends in skincare, Gua Sha is an ancient form of therapy which uses a stone to increase blood flow and release fluid stagnation in the muscles. Specifically, Gua Sha facials melt away muscle tension and drain lymph for defined cheekbones and sculpted jawline.

Experiencing a Gua Sha facial at the Beauty Bungalow is a must! See why Florida Beauty Problems calls our Gua Sha facial, “the grooviest new treatment in skincare” in their recent feature.

Just Launched: we now carry an assortment of gorgeous Gua Sha stones for home care! Similar to it’s big sister we use in the spa, the at home stones are pocket sized and a perfect fit for your makeup bag. They’re lightweight, travel-friendly, and safe for all skin-types with no sharp angles or edges. No matter which way you turn, twist or glide the stone, it will provide results. These will elevate your self-care skincare ritual to the next level… find them in our spa shop!

If you haven’t already experienced a Gua Sha Facial at the Beauty Bungalow, call us or click here to schedule.