We get asked frequently by clients, “Should I be using a retinol regularly?” Many feel retinol is too harsh for their skin and if you have the same belief, you’re not alone. We are here to break down all things retinoid and Vitamin A to give you a better understanding of what it is you are treating your skin with while recommending some of our favorite retinol products from the brands we love and trust.

So what exactly happens when you apply Vitamin A and its derivatives to your skin? Retinoids regulate cell death and reproduction, communicating with skin cells to instruct them on how to behave. Retinoids help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, along with improving skin firmness, and texture. This leads to:

  • Regulating cellular activity
  • increased collagen
  • Allowing your skin to maintain it’s natural moisture level
  • Overall, better skin health


Oh! and how can we forget their magnificent ability to slow the skin’s aging process?  Retinoids have been around for decades and as Josh Rosebrook explains, further research and breakthroughs in cosmetic science have lead to the development of the various types of retinoid derivatives allowing for different effective approaches that still render the same powerful results, but without the peeling, redness, dryness, and irritating experiences that we may have come to associate with.

Below are just some of our favorite Beauty Bungalow picks. What they all have in common is they are strategically formulated to deliver the anti-aging results you want without the irritation.

Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Oil (AIO ) is a regenerating retinoid facial oil that is boosted by a clinical concentration of skin brightening, stabilized Vitamin C which enhances the performance of the retinoid for greater efficacy and results.

Environ Vita Peptide C-Quence Serums 1-4 restore natural levels of Vitamin A in the skin along with a  full range of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and four different types of peptides. The Step-Up System is formulated with increased levels of Vitamin A to progressively enhance the skin’s appearance.

Truth Treatment Systems Resurfacing 1% Retinol Light and Regenerating 5% Gel are lightweight formulations that can support and enhance the healthy functioning of the skin. These products are perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.