You know the age-old adage, “You are what you eat!”…
Well, the same goes for your skin.

What you put on your skin is crucial to your skin’s health and how it functions. Selecting skincare products to nourish your skin is similar to picking healthy food to nourish your body. Imagine scanning the nutritional labels of snacks at the grocery store. You recognize a handful of ingredients, but typically there are several you have never even heard of. The same holds true for skincare products.

At the Beauty Bungalow, we take the leg work out of your skincare product search. The lines that we carry incorporate the freshest possible herbs, flowers and oils. Our brands specialize in creating well-balanced formulas that work to accentuate the most potent effects of each plant.

Here is a list of some of our favorite skincare ingredients and their beneficial properties:

Aloe Vera – Moisturizing and healing
Calendula – Restorative and healing on a cellular level which aids in eliminating scarring and all forms of skin damage
Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which soothe reactive, inflamed and acneic skin
Jojoba Oil – Aids in skin repair and damage control
Pomegranate – Moisturizes and plumps skin
Rosehip – Repairs deep cellular damage and minimizes the appearance of fine lines
Rosemary – Antibacterial that balances the skin and stimulates circulation
Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory aiding in reactive and acneic skin

The Beauty Bungalow offers skincare products with these along with many other nutritionally dense ingredients. We want to bring results-driven products that harness the power of phytonutrient-rich, healing plants to support your skin’s natural functions. We steer clear of artificial fillers and synthetics that do not serve your skin. Let us help you attain simply beautiful skin by incorporating plant, flower, and herb-based skincare products.

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