We know there’s an overwhelming abundance of skincare lines out there to choose from. The Beauty Bungalow is here to take the guesswork out of picking high-quality skincare products that truly deliver glowing results. We’re wrapping up the Summer Skin Series and want to share a bit about how the lines we carry are assessed. Our goal is to serve only the most effective, plant-powered, results-focused skincare available so that you can shop our curated selection confident that you’re making the very best decision and investment in your skin health.

Ethos, Safety, Performance:

Our recommended products have been carefully hand-picked by Denise, founder and lead esthetician here at The Beauty Bungalow. From a sustainability standpoint, we survey each line making sure they have well-balanced eco-friendly relationships with their suppliers or botanical farmers.

In order to make the cut, the product has to WORK — plain and simple! Denise and the BB estheticians personally test each product (often passing out samples to friends and family for honest feedback) before introducing the line into the treatment room. We’ve assessed dozens of skincare lines, and after personal trial and treatment room phases, it’s usually clear by then which products produce results. They also have to smell incredible, feel luxurious and literally make you feel excited to apply them! These criteria may just seem like the cherry on top, but we want your skincare to be the total package and check every box, even from a sensory perspective.

What we’ve learned throughout the years is that truly great results come from well thought out formulations, so it’s essential that the line is forthcoming with their ingredient list. We only carry lines formulated by a professional chemist or trained herbalist and their claims must be backed by science. Lastly, being a woman-led business ourselves, it is very important that we support other female-owned businesses, therefore, four of the brands we carry have a female lead.

We hope the products we’ve selected at our spa exceed your expectations and give you your glowiest skin ever. The best skincare routine is the one that’s unique to you. That’s why we wholeheartedly believe in the power of a skin consultation and analysis with one of our estheticians. This is the best way to receive expert, tailored advice just right for your skin. After every facial treatment, we make suggestions for which at-home skincare routine will best serve your needs and support your skincare goals. Thank you for entrusting us with your skin. As always, we’re here for you.