We are feeling so thankful for being open and being able to hold space for you and provide you with the self-care you all have needed. We know that some of you are not quite ready to jump back into your facial routine at the Beauty Bungalow, but just know that we are here with open arms and masks! Seriously though… we are taking extra precautions to make sure everything is safe and sanitary.

Speaking of masks, from the clients we have seen in the past few weeks, we have noticed that mask usage has definitely been causing some irritation and congestion in many different skin types. We have a few suggestions for anyone that has been wearing masks for prolonged periods of time to help alleviate these issues.

1. Have a second mask with you so that you can swap it out midday.

2. Look for masks made of soft breathable materials like microfiber or silk.

3. If you need a quick refresh a spritz of toner mid-day or a quick cleanse can soothe skin and keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

4. Want an even cleaner feel? Using mouthwash will keep you and your mask smelling minty fresh and will stop germs in their tracks.